• Body Tired – Brain Not Tired

    body-tired-journal-entry-web copy

    I’m just getting around to posting this journal entry.  I painted this after a long week full of events and when I finally got a chance to sit down, I was inspired, but my body was exhausted.  I guess I was too tired to work on some serious illustration projects, but not too tired to do completely nothing.

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  • Creative Cleanse

    I spent the better part of today on the phone with the insurance company trying to resolve some issues.  Eventually I did reach a real human on the other end that could be of some assistance.  By the time things were resolved, I had binged on all the brownies that we brought home from our weekend trip to Tucson.

    My solution to this very frustrating day is a variation of what healthy people often do.  Healthy people say “I’m going on a cleanse.”  Yes folks, I am going on a cleanse, however not your typical cleanse like drinking juice for meals.  I wipe the rest of my day of phone calls with “representatives” and policy talk.  I am done for the day with bill paying and the feeling of defeat.  I am going on a creative cleanse.  For the rest of the day I will be sitting in my studio gingerly painting while binge watching movies like “Little Women.”  I will be stopping only to maybe do the dishes, take my dog for a walk and possibly binge on more dessert food with my husband.


  • 65th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Design


    ©Amy DeCaussin 2014. All Rights Reserved

    I thoroughly enjoyed designing this invitation for my own grandparents who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this week.  Their big celebration took place in July as it was the best time for everyone in the family to get together.

    I created this design with the absolute essence of my grandparents in mind.  The colors, flowers and font choices represent everything Grandpa and Grandma.  In the bottom left hand corner is a bowl of grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, a recipe which she is very well know for.

    It was fun to see the design finished and printed.  I loved handing them over to my grandparents to send to their guests. 🙂