• The King & I and the Apple Pie

    Elvis and the Apple Pie

    Poem & Artwork by Amy DeCaussinCopyright Amy DeCaussin.  All Rights Reserved.

  • Wedding Day


    Just over four months from our wedding day!

    Plotting and scheming and planning away.

    So much advice, and its good to hear.
    A lot on my mind as the day becomes near.

    Every girl just wants the day to be right.
    I have a dress and some shoes that are white.

    We have the whole summer and it’s hard to wait.
    But at the same time, it is almost the date!
    Our honeymoon is booked, so thats set in stone.
    We can’t wait to spend a whole week alone!
    Balancing work while planning our day
    Has been a real challenge in such a big way.
    Planning the guest list has been really rough.
    We can’t invite everyone and that makes it tough.
    Everyone’s happiness is important, it’s true.
    But sometimes there has to be compromise too.
    It is hard to make sure that everyone’s pleased.
    Sometimes my concern just has to be ceased.
    I want my bridesmaids to be happy too.
    I worry a lot they have too much to do.
    The merge of two families is a really big deal.
    It is crazy to think this will be real.
    Above all the planning and wedding and fun,
    The health of our marriage remains number one.
    I’ve been through so much already with Cam.
    If you ask, “are you ready?” I’ll tell you I am.

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