The Mini Violin in Three Dimensional Watercolor


I started playing the violin when I was eight years old.  Learning to play demanded lots of focus and discipline.  I have a weird obsession with repetition.  If I like a movie or a song, I will watch or listen to it over and over again.  If I write something–anything–a story, an email, even a text, I read it several times before moving on.  When I was coaching a dance team, I think my students knew I was notorious for making them “go back to the beginning and do it again.”

As for the creation of this piece, I am exploring a more focused direction in my work, recently.  I am very interested in creating work that integrates watercolor with collage and three dimensional elements.  I have always had an obsession with miniatures and photography.  I love macro photography.  This violin is only about two inches tall and made out of watercolor paper, painted and cut out.  It is hand sewn together.  The strings are made of fishing line.  This style is the direction that I am planning to take my work in.  Stay tuned! –pun initially unintentional, but definitely intended.

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