• 65th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Design


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    I thoroughly enjoyed designing this invitation for my own grandparents who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this week.  Their big celebration took place in July as it was the best time for everyone in the family to get together.

    I created this design with the absolute essence of my grandparents in mind.  The colors, flowers and font choices represent everything Grandpa and Grandma.  In the bottom left hand corner is a bowl of grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, a recipe which she is very well know for.

    It was fun to see the design finished and printed.  I loved handing them over to my grandparents to send to their guests. 🙂

  • Introducing: Cam DeCaussin

    I would like to formally announce my engagement and introduce you to my other half and fiance, artist Cam DeCaussin.


    It is important to me that my viewers know this because we are both artists and I can definitely say that I would not be much good at my work without him.  Together we work as a unit, not only as a couple, but also creatively.  We brain storm together and work in the studio together. We go to art shows together and critique each other’s work.  In fact I will rarely send out a painting for a client unless it gets Cam’s approval.  Cam knows my work better than anyone. DSC_9956

    Cam is an artist too…a photo realistic oil painter, we could not be more different in both the medium, process and style.




    Cam at his recent gallery showing at Central Michigan University “Continuum” in February 2012.


    An Artistic Journey Together…
    Cam and I met while studying art & design at Grand Valley State University.  At first we were just friends and then classmates working and studying together in the studio during all hours of the day.  Cam is the reason I got through my first and only oil painting class.  I helped him when it was time to study watercolor too.  We fell in love in the painting studios.  We both graduated from the Illustration program and received our BFA (bachelor of fine art)I graduated in 2009 and Cam in 2010.


    Cam and I will be married in the church we claim as our own,Immanuel Lutheran Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan in September 2012.  Together, we stand on our solid foundation, Jesus Christ.


    My new name will be Amy DeCaussin.  I’m excited to change it, but a little nervous about my professional career because I’m afraid people won’t recognize me anymore.  This is why I named my company Funamals, but my name is often still used with it too.


    We got this wonderful sign for our home from our friend Jennifer Chiodini at Click & Create Alphabet Photography. It is really cool to have something personal in our home to recognize what we will become…..The DeCaussin’s


    I feel that in addition to knowing my work, by knowing Cam and his work one can fully understand me better as an artist.  Without him, you really only see half of the picture.  I’m so glad to have this opportunity to share with you our life as it evolves.



    Photos by the amazing Amy Carroll Photography.


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  • Wedding Day


    Just over four months from our wedding day!

    Plotting and scheming and planning away.

    So much advice, and its good to hear.
    A lot on my mind as the day becomes near.

    Every girl just wants the day to be right.
    I have a dress and some shoes that are white.

    We have the whole summer and it’s hard to wait.
    But at the same time, it is almost the date!
    Our honeymoon is booked, so thats set in stone.
    We can’t wait to spend a whole week alone!
    Balancing work while planning our day
    Has been a real challenge in such a big way.
    Planning the guest list has been really rough.
    We can’t invite everyone and that makes it tough.
    Everyone’s happiness is important, it’s true.
    But sometimes there has to be compromise too.
    It is hard to make sure that everyone’s pleased.
    Sometimes my concern just has to be ceased.
    I want my bridesmaids to be happy too.
    I worry a lot they have too much to do.
    The merge of two families is a really big deal.
    It is crazy to think this will be real.
    Above all the planning and wedding and fun,
    The health of our marriage remains number one.
    I’ve been through so much already with Cam.
    If you ask, “are you ready?” I’ll tell you I am.

    Amy DeCaussin specializes in Illustration.  View her work here,

    For illustration, image licensing, agent representation,

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